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Author of “Purpose & Practice” and “The Admired List”

“For more than 25 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of Executives, Graduates, Aikido Students and Sports People of all ages, including International and Elite Athletes in several sports.”

Current Roles:

Founder of Isshinkai Aikido - President & Head Teacher at Isshinkai Association

Apprentice Served Professional Aikido Teacher/Sensei

- Began Aikido 1979, Teaching since 1984, Awarded 7th Dan 2004  

Managing Director at Kinleven Marine, a manufacturing business.

Associate at Farbeyond Consulting

Associate at TRI Partnerships LLP - Trust Rugby International


Co-Founder at The Spring Project,

Partner at Elemental Practice LLP

Expert Affiliate at Aberkyn

Partner at David Pearl Group

Associate at Executive Learning Partnership

Associate at Conacting

Adviser at Citizens Advice Bureau & SSAFA Army Support-Line  

Designer, Company Director & Rugby Union Coach

Real Progress - Insight & Practice

When it comes to developing skills, progress is real if it lasts. It’s illusory if change is only temporary. Permanent change only happens through a combination of “Insight” and “Practice”.  

“Insight” is when you re-draw your mental map through experience. It’s like discovering a shorter route to somewhere you often go.  This can be one of those “Aha” moments, or it can be something less noticeable.

Good Coaching helps to engineer “Insight” that is both useful and of greater magnitude, in other words, something you not only think but feel as well.

“Insight” often brings a sense of euphoria; when we feel things will surely be different from now on. However, we are habit-forming beings and tend to slip naturally back to old habits.  A diet of “Insight” on its own at first convinces us things are changing, and then brings disappointingly similar results. Eventually this can cause a feeling that real progress is impossible and trying is pointless.   “It’s just the way I am,” people say.  This is called “learned helplessness”.

“Practice” is what makes insightful change permanent.  Practice can and should be joyful, attractive and rewarding.  It can often be hidden amongst the things we already do every day.  Above all it must be purposeful - guided by “Insight”, otherwise it just reinforces how things already are.

Working with a Coach experienced in the art and science of “Practice” can significantly accelerate real progress.

This is why no professional sports team or athlete would expect to sustain success without great coaching.

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Denis Burke - Coach

Person Centred, Skills-Based Coaching


Individuals and Teams

Accelerating Skill Development for:

Positive Change

Good intentions are important, if they’re followed up effectively and so lead to change.  

Intentional change requires certain skills, some specific to the situation and some common to all.

Skills function differently in individuals and teams, and yet there’s a surprising amount of overlap.

All skills can be developed through a process of “Insight and Practice”.

The ability to develop skills is itself a skill-set you can learn, to accelerate your development.

Concrete, practical and measurable results are fundamental.

Where to start?

With Teams as much as with Individuals, it always helps to start with where you are.  

So, our work together will almost always start with “Knowing your Mind.”

What that looks like will vary.

How does it work?

With this kind of coaching, you can’t beat face-to-face sessions, in combination with a programme of practice. At least some of the work will be much more effectively done with us in the same place at the same time.

And, it’s not usually practical or optimal to do all of our work that way.  A lot can be done in other ways; using purposeful practice, email, phone, and Skype.

At the beginning, with every client, a tailored programme of face-to-face sessions, practice and conversations, designed around the clients goals, is discussed and agreed. Depending on the client’s goals and what he or she wants to accomplish, the programme could be completed in anything from a single session to several years.

I do occasionally travel to work with clients or teams where they are, sometimes on different continents.  However these days I mostly see Coaching Clients at Isshinkan, near Andover in Hampshire, UK.  

This work must be by mutual agreement.  It must feel right for both of us.  So if you’d like to explore working with me, contact me to arrange a conversation, under no obligation.

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