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Confidentiality and Privacy Terms

Any details of your Coaching Enquiry, including your email address and/or phone number will not be shared with anyone else.

Contact details will not be kept for more than 14 days unless I am requested to do so and in any case only for the purpose of responding to your enquiry.  If requested to do so I will email and/or phone in response to enquiries, not however beyond a period of 14 days.  If you haven’t heard from me within that time please assume I have not been able to reach you within that period, and try contacting me again.

Entering into a Coaching Arrangement will be deemed to imply the consent of the client for the client’s contact details to be held on file.  Any personal or commercially sensitive information disclosed during the course of Coaching will be treated in the strictest confidence, and no part of it shared with third parties without the client’s consent, except where the client or others would be deemed to have been placed at risk by not doing so, or where it would have constituted a criminal offence.

Case studies and endorsements will only be used by me with the full knowledge and consent of those concerned.